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Carry forward the spirit of iron nails, implement the water pollution control law


小金棋牌游戏 Village sewage is mainly composed of domestic sewage and agricultural wastewater. Domestic sewage is relatively fixed, mainly contains carbohydrates, protein, amino acids, fat and other organic matter, more suitable for the growth of bacteria, bacteria, viruses live and reproduce the place; but the sewage is generally not toxic, and has a certain fertilizer, available To irrigate farmland. The composition of agricultural wastewater is a variety of different, different seasons, different places, different development goals of the villages and towns, the waste water need to use different treatment methods. In the treatment of sewage, in order to reduce the amount of sewage and its complexity, should be combined with the country is vigorously promoting the construction of biogas digesters, the living water in the flushing water (black water) and other domestic water (gray water) separately. Gray water with natural purification system, black water and human and animal manure by anaerobic biogas digesters, not only can reduce the sewage discharge, complexity and processing costs, but also for the development of rural clean new energy, protect the living environment, promote rural economy Social sustainable development is of great significance.

The function of the sewage treatment station is to deal with the production and domestic sewage, to meet the required emission standards, is an important facility to protect the environment. Wastewater treatment stations in industrialized countries are already common, and sewage treatment stations in villages and towns in China are few, but they will gradually increase in the future. To make these sewage treatment stations really play a role, but also need to rely on strict emissions system, organization and management system to ensure.

Conditional village, should be linked to the village or single village sewage treatment station. And shall comply with the following provisions:
① sewage shunt, the sewage will be transported to the sewage treatment station for processing;
② rain and sewage confluence, the confluent sewage will be transported to the sewage treatment station for processing; in the sewage treatment station, should set the closure wells, excluding the rainy season of confluent sewage;
小金棋牌游戏 ③ sewage treatment station can be used artificial wetlands, bio-filter or stable pond and other biochemical treatment technology, but also according to local conditions, using other engineering examples or mature experience in the processing technology.

Artificial wetlands are suitable for the treatment of pure domestic sewage or rain and sewage combined sewage, covers an area of ​​larger, should adopt two series; biofilter flat shape should adopt round or rectangular. Fill the soil should be strong, corrosion resistance, high strength, large surface area, high porosity, should adopt gravel, pebbles, slag, coke and other inorganic filter; geographical environment and technical conditions permit, the village sewage may consider the use of wasteland, Waste land and pond, depression and other stable pond processing system. Used as a secondary treatment of the stability of the pond system, the size of treatment should not be greater than 5000m3 / d.

The site of the site should be arranged in the summer under the leading wind direction, the village downstream of the water body, lower ground, easy to sink into the sewage treatment station, do not pollute the village water, after treatment to facilitate the downstream emissions。 It and the village's residential area has a protective distance to reduce the pollution of the residential area。 If you consider the use of sewage for farmland irrigation and sludge fertilizer field, the site is corresponding to the farmland irrigation area and easy to transport。 Medical facilities of the sewage must be strictly disinfected to meet the required emission standards before they can be discharged into the sewage pipe network, and should be consistent with the existing national standard "hospital sewage treatment design specifications" (CECS07: 2004) the relevant provisions。 The use of water, the water quality should be consistent with the current national standard "Water Code for Building" (GB50336-2002) and "Sewage Recycling Engineering Design Code" (GB503352002) the relevant provisions, and should set the opening and closing devices, Public health events are discontinued。

Sewage treatment station should be in line with the existing national standard "urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards" (GB18918-2002) the relevant provisions of the sewage treatment station for irrigation farmland irrigation should be consistent with the existing national standard "irrigation water quality standards" GB5084-2005) of the relevant provisions. Sewage treatment and use of many ways, the choice of options should consider the following factors:
① environmental protection on the treatment of sewage requirements;
② the amount of water and water quality;
小金棋牌游戏 ③ investment ability. Sewage treatment technology is to use a variety of methods to separate the pollutants contained in the sewage, or pollutants into harmless substances, so that the sewage is purified. China Environmental News reporter Guo Wei Beijing reporter learned from the Twelfth National People's Congress Standing Committee at the twenty-first meeting was informed that, in accordance with the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress 2016 supervision work plan, from April to May this year, the NPC Standing Committee organized The implementation of water pollution prevention and control law special investigation, by the NPC Environmental and Resources Commission is responsible for the organization and implementation. This is a follow-up study of law enforcement inspections last year on water pollution control law.

The research team conducted a follow-up study on Anhui, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces in late April to late May, and entrusted the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, Guangdong Province and Yunnan Province. Water pollution prevention and control law implementation of the special investigation, to fully understand and master the implementation of water pollution control law around the situation.

From the investigation of the situation, the relevant departments of the State Council and the governments at all levels attach great importance to water pollution prevention and control work, control of the National People's Congress Standing Committee last year, water pollution control law enforcement inspection report and review the views and suggestions, conscientiously rectification, water pollution prevention and control work Positive progress. Guangdong, Jiangxi and other places to clear environmental protection, "a post double responsibility," the relevant provisions of the requirements of party committees and governments at the end of the total responsibility for environmental protection, party and government leaders on the overall responsibility for environmental protection work, led the environmental pressure. The responsibility of the enterprise water pollution prevention and control is further strengthened. The environmental protection department has strengthened the supervision and inspection of the task of reducing the total amount of key enterprises, urging enterprises to strengthen internal management, establish and improve the environmental protection related work system, increase the collection of sewage charges, increase the illegal The crackdown.

The country has detected more than 1,600 cases of pollution of the water environment, arrested more than 3300 suspects. The implementation of the State Council on strengthening the spirit of environmental supervision and law enforcement notice, organized to carry out the environmental protection inspection, adhere to the heavy fist, with heavy code, zero tolerance, full coverage, iron law enforcement, environmental law continued to maintain heavy penalties for high pressure situation, Severely punished a number of unprotected construction, illegal sewage, excessive sewage and monitoring and monitoring data fraud and other types of environmental violations. Law enforcement means to further rigid, in accordance with the provisions of the new environmental law to take continuous punishment on a daily basis, seizure seizure, production limit production, administrative detention and environmental pollution crimes have a substantial increase in the case, effectively deter environmental criminals.

The research report also pointed out that the water environmental protection problem is still prominent due to the large number of projects in the water environment protection, the structural pollution, the heavy pollution of the heavily polluted river, the long-term accumulation of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants, and the potential environmental problems。 Environmental protection and administrative law enforcement in some areas affected by local protectionism, some pollution of the environment and destruction of ecological violations is still difficult to be thoroughly investigated, environmental protection is not implemented the situation is still more serious。 Some cities built into the river ditch pollution is more serious, black and white water body ratio is high, the people reflect the strong。 In addition, drinking water safety and security there are still weak links, some places upstream or around the water there are industrial projects, part of the water source by the impact of non-point source pollution; many cities have not completed emergency water supply, urban risk and emergency management capacity need to be strengthened ; The problem of rural drinking water is still outstanding, water quality is difficult to guarantee, agricultural and rural water pollution problems have not been effectively curbed, the regulatory system is lagging behind, lack of regulatory capacity, supervision is not in place is more prominent, illegal investigation and punishment, agricultural and rural non-point source pollution Become a prominent shortcomings of water pollution prevention and control work。

The research report also pointed out that the current long-term mechanism of water pollution prevention and control needs to be further improved, the local government is responsible for the environmental quality of the region, the environmental audit and accountability mechanism of the leading cadres is not perfect; the division of responsibilities between the unified supervision and environmental protection departments It is difficult to form a regulatory force together; environmental law enforcement supervision task is increasingly arduous, but the environmental protection law enforcement force appears more and more law enforcement force more and more law enforcement force, Weak inverted pyramid, especially in the township lack of law enforcement power, it is difficult to meet the actual needs of law enforcement supervision.

小金棋牌游戏 The NPC Standing Committee research group to further implement the water pollution control law put forward the following recommendations:

To further enhance the implementation of water pollution control law initiative, consciousness, and constantly improve the work of water pollution prevention and control of the sense of responsibility, sense of urgency and mission; to strengthen the "party and government with the responsibility", "one post two responsibility" requirements, the implementation of Environmental protection, territorial responsibility, the implementation of rewards and punishments of the work of the target responsibility system; continue to increase the intensity of environmental protection inspectors, the establishment and strict implementation of the responsibility for life and environmental liability system; to implement the main responsibility of corporate pollution control, improve public awareness of water pollution prevention and control And participation, to create a good atmosphere for everyone to control water pollution. To improve the quality of water environment as the core, to address the outstanding issues in the field of water ecological environment as the focus, to protect people's health and improve environmental quality as a more binding hard targets, hard tasks.

Second, we must fully protect the safety of drinking water, strict implementation of drinking water source protection zone management system. Organization to carry out drinking water quality assessment, supervise and guide localities to speed up the drinking water source protection zone division and adjustment work, the protection of the existing sewage outfall and other illegal facilities firmly banned.

Third, we must strengthen the agricultural and rural water pollution prevention and control, to curb the trend of agricultural non-point source pollution intensified.

Fourth, we must promote the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities and market operation.

Fifth, we must strengthen the water pollution prevention and control system and mechanism, and strive to improve the unified supervision of environmental protection departments, the relevant departments responsible for environmental protection and supervision mechanisms, a clear environmental protection departments to implement unified supervision means and means to urge the relevant departments and environmental protection departments to establish power Matching the linkage mechanism; strengthen the grassroots environmental regulatory capacity building, study the establishment of township environmental protection agencies, sinking environmental regulatory power, to achieve full coverage of law enforcement supervision. Strengthen the environmental administrative judicial cooperation, increase the court's enforcement of environmental violations of the case; pay close attention to perfect cross-regional defense joint legal system, strengthen cross-regional pollution control coordination and consultation, the formation of joint law enforcement mechanism to promote comprehensive management of regional watershed; Ecological compensation system of the top design, to take horizontal funding subsidies, counterpart assistance, industrial transfer, etc., to speed up the establishment of a sound ecological compensation mechanism, and gradually expand the scope of compensation pilot, increase the intensity of compensation.

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