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Changsha Lenz Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lenz Environmental Protection”), founded in May 24, 2005, is a holding subsidiary of Kinglv Environmental Protection (Stock Code: 833730) and is a listed company integrating the product development, production, installation, commissioning, operation and service with a registered capital of CNY 15 million, for which the existing factories cover an area of 45 acres (another 100 acres of land purchased in Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone still under construction) with a workshop area of 8,000 square meters; it has 120 employees and is the leader of the water treatment equipment manufacturers in central and south China.

The main products of Lenz Environmental Protection include the integrated domestic, medical, chemical, industrial, electroplating sewage treatment equipment, the feed water, circulating water and soft water treatment equipment, the MBR membrane bioreactor, the air flotation equipment, the solid-liquid separation equipment, the mud scrapping and sucking equipment, the ozone reactor, the pretreatment equipment, the sewage disinfection equipment, the central air conditioning water treatment equipment, the heat exchanger, the aerator, and biological filler. The above equipment has broad application prospects in terms of rural environmental improvement as well as large-, medium- and small-sized discharged wastewater meeting the standard.

In accordance with the core value of "People-oriented, Customer First, Solidarity & Cooperation, Exploration & Innovation", Lenz Environmental Protection targets at establishing the product brand, takes the customer demand as orientation, regards the customer’s delegation as its duty, strives to make every detail perfect, and is committed to providing high quality, efficient, cost-effective environmental protection equipment one-stop solution for customers.

Lenz Environmental Protection has gathered a group of professional and technical personnel with many years of experience in environmental protection, built a core management team with rich management experience and designed many products with excellent performance, for which 7 products have obtained national patent certificate; its developed heavy metal integration sewage treatment device has won the 2013 progress prize in science and technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the company has got CNY 800,000 Technology Innovation Fund support from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

With advanced market management philosophy and excellent service spirit, Lenz Environmental Protection has won the support from all social circles。 Facing the booming environmental protection industry, the company will continue to strengthen the cooperation with the customers, absorb the industry elite talents, improve the products and services continuously, carry out lean production, seek development with innovation, and improve the competitiveness of products constantly to make the company one of the most influential environmental protection equipment enterprises in China。

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